The ADMIRABLE (Advanced Data MIning Research And Business intelligence/Bioinformatics/Big data LEarning) research group main aim is the development of new ensemble algorithms and the application of data mining, data visualization and pattern matching techniques to diverse fields as bioinformatics, time series classification and high dimensional data analysis.

Among the main achievements of the researchers of the group is the development of three new ensemble construction algorithms: Rotation Forest, Disturbing Neighbours and Nonlinear Boosting Projections that have aroused the interest of the data mining community.

Its member are in close relationship with research groups of other universities, currently collaborating with groups from the universities of Córdoba and Valladolid. The researchers of the group have international connections too. They have done research works while visiting other universities such as Stockholm University in Sweden, University of Gales and West Scotland University in United Kingdom, and Tsinghua University in China.

Its research interest are among others: Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Multi-Dimensional Data Visualization, Ensemble Construction, Bioinformatics, Regressors Ensembles, Instance Selection, Feature Selection, Decision Trees.

The group is recognized by regional government of Castile and Leon as a Consolidated Research Unit.