Last update:
October 14. 2016 13:37:07
March 2016 - The group has a new research project funded by MINECO.

Octubre 2013 - We are organizing a special session on industrial and business applications of Soft Computing at the XVII Congreso Español sobre Tecnologías y Lógica Fuzzy.

Septiembre 2012 - We are organizing two special sessions at the  IEA-AIE 2013, more information here and here.

February 2012 - Our group participates with important Burgos' companies in the PROMARE project (link1, link2, link3).

July 2011 - According to Scopus, the most cited paper in our university is one by Juan J. Rodríguez, one of the member of our research group.


  • Jesús Maudes Raedo, "Combinación de clasificadores: construcción de características e incremento de la diversidad", University of Burgos,  Spain, 2010.
  • César Ignacio García Osorio, "Data Mining and Visualization", University of the West of Scotland, United Kingdom, 2005.
  • Juan José Rodríguez Díez, "Técnicas de Aprendizaje Automática para la Clasificación de Series", University of Valladolid, Spain, 2004.
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