The Ministry of Universities awards the second best grade in Spain to a PhD student from the ADMIRABLE research group at the UBU.

Inés Miguel Alonso, a PhD student at the University of Burgos, has obtained the second best grade in Spain in the Grants for University Teacher Training (FPU) awarded by the Ministry of Universities in its 2021 call for applications, which has just been resolved.

The thesis of this student of the University of Burgos focuses on the development of educational games in Virtual Reality applied to industry. The objective of these educational games is learning and training in Occupational Risk Prevention for workers in different industrial sectors such as metal-mechanical and power generation. These games place special emphasis on collaborative work and the detection of stress and conflict situations to reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace.

This student belongs to the Faculty of Humanities and Communication of the University of Burgos. Her thesis project is directed by Professor Andrés Bustillo Iglesias.

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